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Creekford University is a vibrant community of learners engaged in an ongoing effort to achieve distinction in the discovery and transmission of knowledge. Creekford University is the one of the leading online institutions providing self paced distance learning programs in industry preferred concentrations to an ever growing population of online learners around the world. The online programs at Creekford University are renowned for delivering academic excellence - instrumental in the success of its graduates.

We offer a broad range of fully accredited degree, diploma and certificate programs

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We allow students to choose from over 71 different majors offered through

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We do not work in isolation - we work with faculty, academic advisors, and other career professionals across the board so as to maximize your success.

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Our Faculty Dr. Fredrick Myers - School of Engineering

He has a PhD degree in electrical engineering and has more than 25 years of experience in the industry. His work experience includes working for fortune 500 companies as a senior engineer. He also holds 10 years of teaching experience as a distinguished faculty member at top tier traditional and online institutions.

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Research & Innovation

Incorporating Learning Analytics into Online EducationPosted Jan 25, 2016 To consistently bring innovations aimed at enhancing student learning experiences and satisfaction rates Creekford University recently deployed Learning Analytics into its online education management system designed to monitor the performance of its students by providing them with real time progress reports and feedback.

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