Leading The Way With Quality Education

Creekford University is a leading online institution which offers flexible and self paced study programs to meet the educational needs of working professionals around the world. The institution offers an extensive range of online degree programs with well structured curriculums to help individuals achieve their academic and career goals.

The Institution is accredited by ABHL (Accreditation Bureau for Higher Learning) which is an internationally renowned, independent and private academic reviewing agency. Through its advanced e-learning systems, the University develops a motivating environment fostering a culture of self learning and development.

Degree Programs

Creekford University offers a diversified range of online degree programs that are tailor made to enhance your field knowledge and prepare you to take the lead at your work place.

Diploma Programs

Creekford offers online diploma programs specially designed to enable adult students accelerate at their career by updating their profiles with relevant and in demand diplomas.

Certificate Programs

Creekford University offers undergraduate certificates and undergraduate course certificate programs to help individuals hone their skills, improve knowledge and prepare real life & career.